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Certified Seeds
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100% biodegradable

We are distributor for the graphic and printing industry of papers embedded with seeds that grows flowers, herbs and vegetables once it is planted. 100% bio-degradable this paper can be well printed with offset and digital presses.

The paper inlaid with seeds is hand made from post-consumer material. The seeds are embed directly into the paper pulp during the pulping process.

When the paper is place under a thin layer of soil, the paper will decompose at 100% and grow herbs, vegetables and flowers depending of the paper used.

Each batch of seeds (NON GMO) is tested before the production to guarantee good quality seeds, free of noxious weeds and invasive species.

The seeds inlaid into the paper are this way 100% certified and guarantee a good germination of the paper.

This paper is ideal to grow your communication.
Packaging, greeting cards, flyers, labels, etc… Let your imagination free for this coming spring…

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